This week we were tasked to do three daily creates and then at the ed of the week make them into a story. This is something new but makes me think outside of the box. I wanted to keep the story short but also make it a little funny with unrealistic events/things, so here it is! I know is’t really weird and may not make sense but it was fun to make!

There was once a majestic unicorn running in the clouds. He was very happy but did not know where he was. He then started to go under the clouds and towards the ground to look for food. As he got closer he did not recognize where he was.

He was so lost he ended up on a random beach in the Bahamas! This was the first time he had ever seen a beach or anything so beautiful for that matter. He got so excited……….

his rainbow poops went all over the place! At least it was Hoil where blobs of paint AKA rainbow poop is expected to be all over. It’s good thing not many people saw Mr. Unicorn before he flew back up into the clouds and found his way home. The end!

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